Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines for Board

Welcome to Board, a unique platform dedicated to fostering engaging and meaningful interactions exclusively through threads. Our community thrives on respect, inclusivity, and safety, and these guidelines are in place to ensure these values are upheld. Adherence to these principles is essential for all users to maintain the integrity and purpose of Board.

  1. Thread-Only Interaction:

    • All discussions and content sharing on Board must be done within threads. Standalone posts, individual comments, or any other form of content outside of thread structures are not permitted.

    • Threads should be coherent, focused, and contribute constructively to the community dialogue.

  2. Respect and Civility:

    • Treat fellow community members with respect and courtesy. Harassment, bullying, hate speech, and derogatory remarks are strictly prohibited.

    • Promote a supportive and inclusive environment, free from offensive or inflammatory content.

  3. Content Relevance:

    • Ensure that your threads are relevant to the themes or designated categories of Board.

    • Refrain from posting irrelevant, repetitive, or low-effort threads that do not contribute meaningfully to the community.

  4. No Spam or Advertising:

    • Threads should not be used for spamming or unsolicited advertising.

    • If promotional content is shared, it must be clearly relevant and valuable to the community, with transparent disclosure.

  5. Privacy and Safety:

    • Do not share personal information, including your own or others', such as addresses, phone numbers, or private communications.

    • Encourage a safe space by reporting any content or behavior that threatens the safety or privacy of community members.

  6. Intellectual Property and Originality:

    • Respect intellectual property rights. Only share content that you own or have the right to use.

    • Plagiarism or unauthorized use of copyrighted material is not allowed.

  7. Moderation and Enforcement:

    • Our team will moderate Board to ensure compliance with these guidelines.

    • Violations may result in content removal, temporary suspension, or permanent banning from Board.

  8. Feedback and Reporting:

    • We welcome your feedback to improve Board. Please share your suggestions or concerns with us.

    • Report any violations of these guidelines to help us maintain a healthy community environment.

Remember, your contributions on Board should foster positive and constructive discussions. Let's work together to create a vibrant, respectful community.